The effect of cupping

We will place cups on your skin. Then, we will create a gentle suction that draws your skin upward into the cup. (Your skin is not broken at any time in the process.)


We use an electric or manual pump. During Cupping, the cups are placed over several areas. By lowering the pressure in the cup and making it close to the vacuum, the skin is pulled, and blood and waste products that are stuck in the capillaries of the skin are pulled up to the surface of the skin with good metabolism.


By promoting blood circulation in this way, the symptoms of muscle stiffness and pain are alleviated. This treatment is also effective in improving coldness and swelling because it discharges waste products and promotes metabolism.


Since it approaches the deep part of the body, it can be expected to have various effects such as improvement of superficial symptoms, chronic fatigue, regulation of autonomic nerves, and hormone secretion.


If you feel tired after the procedure, it is said that the effect of promoting blood circulation is apparent.



What about those red marks?


The red marks are a result of the blood being pulled into that area. The darker the mark, the more stagnant fluids (toxins, blood and lymph) were dredged up during treatment. The marks last anywhere from a few hours to several days(4-7days). The more often you receive cupping for the same issue, the lighter the marks will be.

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